White Space - Insight - Positioning - Story

The strongest brands and the most successful innovations are the ones that deeply resonate in popular culture, and in people's lives. Their story is “insightful”.

At the center of everything we do is a passion to find the most powerful insights possible, and to help create communications and narratives that resonate at the deepest level with people and their culture. This passion drives our ethnographies, our cultural explorations, our strategic thinking, our positioning work, our innovation programs, as well as our content creation, blogs, consumer videos or documentary based communications.

We find out and document how brands and innovations resonate in people's lives (ethnographies, expert interviews, anthropology, semiotics, cultural analysis). We take your brand or your innovation opportunity through a positioning journey, to identify a unique cultural “white” space and create the building blocks of your "foundational narrative".

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For brand, innovation or communication strategies, we help you control the role of your brand in popular culture by creating powerful positioning and foundational brand stories.

"Abensour & Partners uniquely helped us find a totally new way to position William Peel, and indeed whisky, that resonates powerfully in very different geographies."   Citlalin Marchal - Brown Spirits Global Marketing Director - MBWS

"Abensour and Partners deepened our understanding of our donators. They contributed greatly to our effort to put UNICEF’s efficacy under the spotlight; our 2019 campaign will definitely benefit from their story telling skills." Juliette Chevalier – Director of Communication - UNICEF France

“Abensour and Partners gave Nestlé Waters precious help to find culturally relevant consumer insights for our brands, especially the local ones, and helped us all the way to develop brand ideas the Nestlé Way.” Laurent Chastain - Nestlé