1. We unearth the cultural resonance of brands and discover their cultural triggers: We do desk research, quantitative analysis and research, qualitative consumer explorations, ethnographies, and expert salons to understand the cultural context of brands. We are particularly careful to review the knowledge you already have about your brand and business. We use anthropology and semiotics to deepen our comprehension.
  2. We are experts in brand positioning, we focus particularly on identifying "white spaces" and "growth paths": as we believe consumer relevance to be of pivotal importance, we pay a particular attention to consumer portraits and insights. We believe that brands can initiate powerful movements based on their cultural resonance, so we spend a lot of time and efforts looking at the engagement of brand lovers vis-à-vis the brand. We love to work in interactive styles, and we have great workshop protocols that we can use to moderate brand strategy development workshops.
  3. Beyond positioning, we believe the power of a brand is in the power of its narrative: we work on the Brand Idea or Big Idea, and on story telling principles. We analyse brand archetypes to identify the narrative paradigm that will best deploy the full story telling potential of your brand. At the end of this phase, we will propose to you a "Foundational Narrative" to become the narrative foundation of your brand's communications. As for brand positioning work, we can develop the brand narrative with our "brand story workshop" methodology.
  4. We generate brand content: brand videos, consumer videos, documentaries and communications to deploy the foundational narrative in social media.


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