We document cultural exploration or ethnographies and produce documentary style content pieces.

Nothing can inform true understanding of consumers' culture and life style better than deep immersion in their world. Ethnographies allow us to really understand people's views and routines because we share a moment of their lives, rather than just rely on their declarations.

Videography is a great way to capture people’s thoughts, rituals, habits, quirks, and interesting personalities. This material is incredibly powerful to bring to life consumer insights, and to share with you and your team video consumer portraits.

There is often a thin line between ethnographies, strategic reportages and brand content, and we have been asked repeatedly to produce brand content based on our ethnographic video material. Today, a lot of brands are turning their back to fabricated messaging and advertising conceits, and like to experiment with documentary style communications.

They prove to be surprisingly efficient at catching consumers attention and score high on involvement and likeability.

For Nestlé Waters North America's Regional Spring Water brands, we have produced both strategic videos and brand content, as shown below.

Nestlé Waters US - Regional Spring Water brands' repositioning video: reclaiming local-ness.



Regional Spring Water brands - Great Springs campaign.

Poland Spring is from Maine, Ozarka is from Texas: meet the great people who make these waters with passion, and their awesome local community!


7 days Challenge Campaign - Poland Spring, Arrowhead, and Deer Park.

People were challenged to drink sparkling water for 7 days. Taking the challenge made them more willing to choose a healthier life!