The task for UNICEF France was to:

Help understand the organization's very various audiences, from donators to general public, with a focus on younger age groups.

Help create UNICEF's narrative frame for its French campaigns.

Assist UNICEF guide the development of its 2019 Winter campaign.


1. We conducted face to face interviews with the UNICEF various audiences, and segmented UNICEF's audiences based on emotional affinity with the brand.

2. We produced a semiotic analysis of the different discourses in the area of humanitarian organizations, and crossed the results with our interview findings.

3. We created a narrative frame document, cascaded and enriched it through the organization with brand workshops.

4. We advised UNICEF on the 2019 campaign development.


We identified two clear groups among UNICEF's audiences with a significantly  different interest for the organization:

For some people, that we called the Brand Lovers, UNICEF is an organization that they want to support because they feel in affinity with the Vision and the values of UNICEF.

For others, the Brand Users, UNICEF is an organization they value and esteem very much, but their affinity is based on how they use it as a tool to express their need to donate and contribute.

We have conceived the 2019 brand campaign so to make UNICEF relevant for both its audiences, beyond their difference of attitude, and with mechanisms that allow the brand to tackle the different audiences specific needs.