Poland Spring, Ozarka, Arrowhead, Zephyrhills, Ice Mountain, Deer Park


Nestlé Waters North America hired us to re-juvenate the positioning of their six Regional Spring Water brands, Poland Spring, Ozarka, Arrowhead, Zephyrhills, Ice Mountain and Deer Park.

Beyond the brands' heritage, we proposed to conduct the project in the light of the then nascent trend towards local food, local produce and local producers.

We also included in our project the work the brands were doing with local communities.


There were three phases in our project:

1. Consumer and cultural exploration: through 60 Consumer ethnographies, we unearthed how people relate to local, the values local products have in their mind and in their lives. We also looked at the various cultures that compose the "American continent": New York and New England, Texas, Florida, the Midwest, California, the DC area. We completed these ethnographies with interviews of trendsetters in the "localist" food movement, bloggers and journalists.

2. Brand strategy, targeting and communication platform: using the "Nestlé Way" process, we identified a communication target in strong affinity with our brands "localist" perspective, and created a manifesto to encapsulate a commitment to local.

3. Brand content: following our initial strategic work, we helped the brand team create various content pieces to deploy the brands in digital media.


Our proposed approach led to the From Here, For Here campaign that sums up well the project we proposed for the brands: beyond being local by origin, we re-claimed being local by design, and engagement.

We also worked on the local community strategy, as well as on the brand blog.

Below are some examples of the brand content pieces that we produced.

Repositioning Video:


Brand Content - Great Springs campaign: Poland Spring is from Maine, Ozarka is from Texas... meet the great people who make these waters with passion, and their awesome local community!