The task was to accompany Etat Pur, a start-up in skin care, and translate the brand founder's unique vision into a powerful marketing and communication strategy.

Etat Pur uniquely offers products that have been stripped of the unnecessary ingredients that can be found in most skin products. The skin care creams of Etat Pur are free of the "agressive" active ingredients that are added systematically to other skin care preparations. These ingredients are sold seperately so that women can use the actives that their skin requires, only if and when they need them.

Beauty routines using Etat Pur are hence much more respectful of women's skin, and absolutely tailor made to their skin's needs.


Our work was to unearth the benefit for women of this formidable innovation, and to translate it into a brand idea and communication brief / platform.

For Etat Pur, we interviewed 30 women who had already experienced the concept in pilot stage, and were able to create a target segmentation based on affinity with the concept.

We worked on a new positioning for the brand, and a new communication brief. We moderated two brand workshops to cascade the new thinking with the team as well as with the communication agencies.


We proposed to structure the marketing and communication strategies around a key concept, "Active Beauty".

Active Beauty worked at a double level:

-Active Beauty described an attitude towards beauty: women who want to take control of their beauty and who are wanting solutions for their skin, not cookie cutter one size fits all products.

-Active Beauty described an engagement strategy, and an approach in communications, where the brand is a partner of women in control, rather than a patronizing authority.

The brands website is a good example of a brand that is proposing tools to control one's beauty, rather than trying to impose ready made "miracle" solutions to a credulous audience.


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